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Purchase much needed equipment without breaking the bank with ALGO's flexible leasing plans.

Get proper finance advice from the experts at ALGO Leasing and Finance.

Apply for commercial loans for your business in the Philippines today at ALGO Leasing and Finance.

Pursue your dreams of being a doctor without worrying about the costs with ALGO's doctor's loan for students in the Philippines.

Pay off emergency costs immediately with ALGO's financing plans for consumer's loans in the Philippines.

Get quick cash fast and easy with ALGO Leasing and Finance's personal loans in the Philippines.
Apply for the best loans in the Philippines only at ALGO Leasing and Finance.

ALGO offers a suite of competitive financial products and provides convenient processing to the small and medium-sized enterprises – its chosen market segment. With a workforce which consist of seasoned and competent leasing and financing professionals, the company takes advantage of the latest developments in information technology in the areas of product development, market scanning and risk management to serve its chosen market.

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Products and Services
ALGO Leasing and Finance, Inc. supports your fixed asset acquisition through finance lease and lets you gain most of its business advantages.

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Commercial Loans
ALGO Leasing and Finance, Inc. allows you to obtain funding and still retain your proprietary rights on the asset.

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Turn those receivables into cash! With Receivables Discounting, tied-up funds from your receivables will be made available for use.

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Consumer Loans
Immediate solution to cash requirements is within reach with ALGO's loan packages designed especially for Employees and Professionals.

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Asset Listing

  • Muller Martini Stitching Machine
  • Hino 10W High Side Dump Truck
  • Peterbilt 10W Tractor Head
  • Algo Leasing Inc. One (1) unit Muller Martini Stitching Machine
  • Algo Leasing Inc. One (1) unit Hino 10W High Side Dump Truck
  • Algo Leasing Inc. One (1) unit Peterbilt 10W Tractor Head
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ALGO Newsletter – Currents

Since its inception in 2007, ALGO has been true to its commitment of providing fast, convenient and reliable lending experience to the new generation of Filipino Entrepreneurs. It has emerged around the time when another global economic recession has erupted; it braved the raging waves of competition and has successfully placed an "X" to mark its spot in the financial industry.

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